1. DarkSpace my favorite online game

    K’luth Clow ship

    After i got an ADSL connection to internet, i decided to jump into the virtual world that i heard about it seance years. but i cant find online game strict, decent, fun and it must be free.

    While i am searching in many sites, i found my favorite game space shooter but with 3D and online play (Free), oh all features points is founded in same game, include it come with strategy, chat and team  playing.

    You need to download it from www.darkspace.net, it is not need a huge download, just about 70MB, when you start you can choose the faction you like, most of people like to be human (UGTO, ICC) but i started with (K’Lluth) because i hate human even in the real world.

    You can take your ship and fly in the space between planets, fight and shoot other ships of enemies,  your prestige will increase, and your rank. when take a higher rank you can take a larger ship.

    You can join in a fleet and play with them as a team, or you can build planets by your engineer ship, or supply and maintain other ships of your friends, try it if you like to escape from the real world.

    This picture took from my account (i used my real name “Zaher”), when i am riding my favorite ship Claw.


  2. New state for my life

    My life changed after i have a phone line in my home and setup ADSL (256) connection to the internet.

    Now i have permemnet connection to the world, download, update, pull, push to SVN/GIT repositories for many open source projects.

    And I  bought new computer with good 3D VGA card (internal one), not the expensive one but i can play some 3d games.

    I touched (for a while) how the reach man live and feel, but i think it need some months to return to feeling  i am poor man 😉 .

  3. Neck Pain, reason of arms and back pain.

    I have 5 years feeling pain in my arms especially my right hand, with pain in my back, at the last i take XRay picture of my neck and found that the reason of my pain, it “cervical radiculopathy” in C6, C7, caused to reduce the time of my work, and also reduce my salary 🙁


    For all developers my advice: be careful about your neck, make some exercises, do not spend hours on your computer, spend your time with your family or your plants 🙂 .

  4. Checks in my house

    The  summer is started with my kids finishing the school, and my brain say to me why not make this summer more exciting by bought a chicks (young chicken) for them.

    I  purchased 4 checks and this is the picture of them.

    The rest of 2 checks, Errr they are DEAD 🙁 .

    But i am caring on Namour and Kahoul if they are sick, with put some minced onions as food, and one drop of antibiotic every morning 😀 .

  5. Why i am rude or stupid at internet

    Why i am rude or stupid at internet.

    1 – Bad English

    I stood a French language in my school and i forget it (but still i like it), so i take my English from American movies and from reading on internet.

    The first time i make a chat, i made it with foreign peoples, i tried to use new word for me, i learned “Guys”, i said,
    Zaher: Hi guys
    But in fact i replaced U character with A character, i will not tell you what happened to me, after a long time i get understand what the typo word meant.

    2 – Blockade

    The internet was launched in Syria at year 2000 with one provider and one proxy (now there is many provider but with one master proxy).
    We all users of the internet appear to other sites with same IP Addresses.

    Our internet protect us from some sites like as YouTube.com, Facebook.com and Blogspot.com and some other bad sites.
    BTW who need this sites.
    And also some sites protect us from accessing it like as SUN, Google application, Google code, we can not do any download from it.
    And again who need them.

    3 – My new house
    Yes after years i have my own home flat, but my new home was outside the capital Damascus, so there is no phones there (I mean Wire Phone i still have a mobile), So i can not access the internet at my home, and i must use internet at my job,
    There you know at my job, how it is hard talking to your coworkers, customers and your boss, then try to write a message or posts in message lists or forums in that case.

    4 – I am father of 3 noisy kids, no need to more explain 🙂

    After that imagine what kind of my nervous was be.

    For all who seeing me i am so stupid or i am so firm i say “I apologize” or “Forgive me please” 🙂 .