1. ComiPo Manga Comic book

    I found this application for Windows by an accident when I am searching for online anime games, it is used 3D characters and objects but to write a comic book, without need to draw it by your hands, it is just a simple as placing the character and move it or turn right or left, choose your emotions, write a text in a balloon, and export.


    I have downloaded the demo version for my two daughters (11, 9 year old) , they like it too match, played with it as game at first, then write a small stories, one page story because the demo version give you one page, you can’t save it but you can export it to a one picture.

    Now the demo version expired soon, and no more fun, but my little daughter Aya (9 years) will kill me, she doesn’t understand I can’t pay for it, it needs a credit card, no credit card in Syria and we cannot transfer money outside our country.

    You can write fine Arabic text in the balloons, but need Right Align for multiline text, this feature not founded yet.

    Another problem with it, the character that exist in the Demo have a short skirt, very short, and that is not allowed in my country, i hope dress it and spend more texture on her clothes.

    I wrote Arabic blog here too.

  2. My Brain is Offline

    While my country Syria is suffering a big problem, a kind of revolution or kind of objectives.
    And we all have to follow what’s happening on the ground, feeling deep of sorrow for who is killed of our peoples, our brain is stopped working, our heart pumps more blood to the every piece of the body, our nerves come like a chord for any sound of the incident.

    So, I am sorry, I cannot work as the old days,  sorry for all my open source projects, that come like as my kids, sorry for you all 🙁 .

  3. DarkSpace my favorite online game

    K’luth Clow ship

    After i got an ADSL connection to internet, i decided to jump into the virtual world that i heard about it seance years. but i cant find online game strict, decent, fun and it must be free.

    While i am searching in many sites, i found my favorite game space shooter but with 3D and online play (Free), oh all features points is founded in same game, include it come with strategy, chat and team  playing.

    You need to download it from www.darkspace.net, it is not need a huge download, just about 70MB, when you start you can choose the faction you like, most of people like to be human (UGTO, ICC) but i started with (K’Lluth) because i hate human even in the real world.

    You can take your ship and fly in the space between planets, fight and shoot other ships of enemies,  your prestige will increase, and your rank. when take a higher rank you can take a larger ship.

    You can join in a fleet and play with them as a team, or you can build planets by your engineer ship, or supply and maintain other ships of your friends, try it if you like to escape from the real world.

    This picture took from my account (i used my real name “Zaher”), when i am riding my favorite ship Claw.


  4. New state for my life

    My life changed after i have a phone line in my home and setup ADSL (256) connection to the internet.

    Now i have permemnet connection to the world, download, update, pull, push to SVN/GIT repositories for many open source projects.

    And I  bought new computer with good 3D VGA card (internal one), not the expensive one but i can play some 3d games.

    I touched (for a while) how the reach man live and feel, but i think it need some months to return to feeling  i am poor man 😉 .

  5. Okra Challenge Recipes

    I like my mother’s recipes, especially when cook okra, also my wife like her mother’s recipes.

    But when we plan to cook okra we fighting which recipe to use, finally this year decided to cook the both of recipes at same time, my pot is in the right, look at the red sauce with more fried okra delicious meal.

    We (my wife and i) let our kids to choose the winner, Yes, my wife is the winner, and i eat all my hand cooked 😀 .